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Community of Madrid

Paso a 2 Certamen Coreografico de Madrid


Who’s in

The community was composed of people who came from different associations, as well as LGTBQI and other social activists, some from more formal structures, others, more informally organized, with a variety of ages ranging between 25 to 65 years of age. This group was rich in terms of gender diversity, but also in ages, cultural diversity, etc. 

Organizations involved

Association Kif-Kif – an organization for the defense and representation of LGTBI migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers in Spain.

The 26 de Diciembre Foundation – a non-profit entity created by, and in support of LGTBQI elders.

The production

How We Occupy The Body is the production of Paso a 2 / Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid and the community of Madrid

“We are in process. We are in the process of understanding what it means to share and show ourselves. We are in the process of understanding how to open something as intimate as our collective body. We have no idea what will happen, but we know that we have dug deep within ourselves, always dancing. We know that we have shared a long experience in time, where the center is the body. And now we have the challenge of condensing all that history into a few movements.”

Movement is a talisman, an amulet. So, in this performance, still in progress, we want to give you that amulet full of stories, pierced by dissidence in its broadest sense. A dance, a ballet, fingernails, Salsa, skin, layers, memories, a Samba, a party, great joy, and all the power.


  • 8th august 2023 – ‘s Hertogenbosch, Theaterfestival Boulevard
  • 21st october 2023 – Umea, Norrlandsoperan
  • 3rd december 2023 – Madrid, 37º Certamen coreográfico de Madrid (Paso a 2)


Creative process led by Javier Vaquero and Marina Santo.
Soundtrack and lighting design: Javier Vaquero.
Co-creators and on stage: Olga Carreño, María Carrillo, Kar C López, Izan Parra, Ámbar Tenorio


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Community Members

Olga Carreño Pedrozo
Community of Madrid
Olga Carreño Pedrozo

In the community I found a comfortable, welcoming, diverse, inclusive place, where I quickly felt identified and included, with Laura Kumin and Miren Muñoz Vitoria, who were waiting for us that afternoon in June 2022. Since then I have found a comfortable place to be myself and express my art… I was immediately connected and committed to the project, art, performing, various scenarios and then put down roots in the Vilarynio Space, a cozy and comfortable place for weekly practices. 
I suffered one of the most difficult moments in my life, my mental health blocked all my paths and when I thought I was sunk in the dark, Miren, Laura and Marina Santo, they insisted on dancing with the community again, they said it would be good for me and really. Then I came back to the practices, and when I arrived, Marina Santo was moderating, working with different aromas, always giving back as much love as fits in her big heart. These practices sent me back the light and the path of peace and healing that allowed me to take charge of my life. Today I enjoy this growth and enrichment as a human being, trans person, artist and folklorist who feels, vibrates and lives with art and dance the most outstanding moment of my life. Without fear of living to show my non-normative, racialized and migrant body, but proud of my art, my color and my brilliance, a bit of feather as Javier Vaquero invites us in his fun and joyful practices, but finally being Olga Victoria Carreño Pedrozo, a human being infinitely grateful to Performing Gender: Dancing In Your Shoes and Paso a 2.

Luc Vañó Prieto
Community of Madrid

Paso a 2 tales: mutable universes

We have been activating and sharing experiences related to identity, movement and gender with the beautiful, growing community...