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Traveling Dance Maker

Javier Vaquero (Toledo, 1984) graduated as a dancer from Codarts Rotterdam in 2007.

Since then, she has worked as a performer and collaborator with many different choreographers. During this time, she has also developed her career as a dancemaker, presenting her choreographies Danzas Primitivas, El Plumero, Mover el cuerpo con palabras, Rojo Pandereta, De lo invisible y lo innombrable, among others, in Europe and Latin America.  

For over 8 years she has developed her work as a dance teacher at different universities, institutions and private schools. During the four years she lived in Peru and Colombia, she was a permanent staff member at the Performing Arts Departments of three universities. Upon returning to Spain in 2017, she continued to give workshops and regular classes. 

In addition, Javier has experience directing and managing dance spaces (Espacio Práctico, in Barcelona from 2010 until 2011; La Poderosa, also in Barcelona, in 2012) and en 2014 she created the “Conversations about Contemporary Dance” series at the CCE (Centro Cultural de España) in Lima, Peru, which she published as a book titled “Cuerpo Achorados”. In 2019 she began to develop her ongoing project “El Plumero” that works around dissident gender expressions through dance and digital communication, which she continues to direct.

Since 2018 she has been very involved in LGBTIQ+ activism, with a special focus on the relationship between body and performativity. She co-directs the digital campaign #stopplumofobia and has taken part in the Red Levadura (digital activists) network,  creating campaigns such as “Orgullo Hetero” (“Hetero Pride”) for Pride 2020.


Find who was locally involved through Performing Gender dance practices, co-creation and co-production.