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Rooted Dance Maker

Marina Santo, born in Río de Janeiro, and a Madrid, Spain, resident since 2006, is a dance teacher and Body Intelligence researcher, with a university degree in History, and a specialist in Arts, Culture and Citizenship Education, from the University of Valladolid and the Organization of American States (OAS).

Since 2010 she has been creating projects focusing on communities, and in this capacity has collaborated with entities and institutions in Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador and the U.K.   She devotes an important part of her ongoing teaching work to spaces for women, such as Entre Dos and the Espacio de Igualdad Lucrecia Pérez.  She also participates as a guest teacher in the projects for racialized communities that take place in the Centro de Residencias Artísticas at Matadero, Madrid (Laboratorio Bachata, Quilombo Nimba Fest).

She teaches development of body intelligence in the classroom for public school teachers (Regional Center for Teacher Training and Innovation) and works as a teaching artist in the Global Generation community arts project for young people at the Conde Duque Contemporary Arts Center, as well as with the Cross Border Project and the municipal 21 Districts project).  This project received the Miradas al Refugio Prize given by the CEAR (the Spanish Committee for Refugee Aid) in 2019.  

As an artist she has worked with different choreographers (Poliana Lima, Candice Vallantin…). She is also the director of the digital platform for the dissemination of contemporary dance in its most democratic version, accessible to all (Escuela Marina Santo) and the founding creator of Espacio Muchas, a program of monthly conferences offered since 2017 at the Entredós Foundation for the visibility of diverse racialized femininities


Find who was locally involved through Performing Gender dance practices, co-creation and co-production.