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Community of Umeå



Who’s in 

Members came from networks for people looking for new friends, but also seniors interested in culture, as well as young people from the LGBTQ+ community. Also anyone with an interest in identity issues and dance has been involved.

The production

Vingel (title in English Wobble) – In a confidential collaboration with choreographer Sindri Runudde and composer Marta Forsberg, Umeborn explored power and creativity in moments of imbalance.

Vingel reminded us to listen with curiosity, inwardly and outwardly, and to take advantage of the charged moment, here and now.


  • 6th June – Döbeln Park, National Festival
  • 4th December -Madrid, Festival Certamen Coreografico de Madrid


Choreographer: Sindri Runudde
Composer: Marta Forsberg with poems and sounds by the participants co-creators
and on stage: Ann-Christine Bard Sandström, Annelie Ekbäck Nordström, Carina Sturesson, Christer Edeholt, Elisabeth Isaksson, Gun-Inger Edlund Kercoff, Ing -Marie Hermansson, Katrin Lundström, Lisa Evasdotter, Maine Lundberg, Monica Alskär, Pia Friberg, Riitta Lindahl, Ruth Garneij, Ulrica Westin, Åse Nymberg.


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