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Community of Tilburg


The community

Who’s in

The initial community was formed by women of Tilburg with shoe size 37,5, aged between 35-70. DansBrabant focused on the more challenging areas of the city. For reaching out to these women they collaborated with different networks and social organizations

Organizations involved

Feniks – centre for emancipation.

MST – social support centre.

Ronde Tafel Huis – intercultural meeting centre and different community centres.

The production

Residu(e), what we leave behind – Choreographer Nikita Maheshwary started one-on-one walks with 15 women from different neighborhoods of Tilburg in January ’22. Under the name ‘37.5 community Tilburg,’ this developed over the months from a community of 19 women to the current core of 9 women.

The women, coming from different walks of life, upbringings, generations and cultures, were first concerned with the question “Where do we come from?” while reflecting together on overarching themes of care, womanhood, freedom & limitations, and what it means to be a community. In the second phase of the project, the urgency slowly began to shift to ‘where are we (collectively) going’ and ‘what do we want to leave behind‘. 

The women show the result in the production Residu(e), what we leave behind; a poetic dream about a shared and multicolored future. The colorful collection of stories is interwoven with scenes of small triumphant actions. A mix of movement, spoken word and multimedia.


  • 9th august 2023 – ‘s Hertogenbosch, Theaterfestival Boulevard
  • 27th august 2023 – Tilburg, Festival GLoBe (DansBrabant)
  • 10th october 2023 – Ljubljana, International Festival of Contemporary Arts (City of women)


Concept & choreography: Nikita Maheshwary
Project coordinator/community developer: Lotte van Oudheusden
Music: Arthur Music, Arthur van der Kuip
Artwork: Nikè Marchand
Community members: Felmy Laming; Monique van Beers; José van Rijswijk; Derya Demiroglu; Alie Pigmans; Judith Landman; Mieke de Roo; Harjanti Bors; Marianne Möller


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