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Tilburg, The Netherlands

DansBrabant is a stimulant and catalyst for dance and choreography, working with a diverse palette of talented choreographers. While placing the human body at the centre of a world in motion, they are keen to create an inspiring dance climate in the Dutch province Noord-Brabant.


Find who was locally involved through Performing Gender dance practices, co-creation and co-production.

Staff on the project

Artistic Director
Nienke Rooijakkers has a background as a theater maker and dramaturg. After studying at the theater school of the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, she followed DasArts, the master's program of the same college. After 15 years working as a maker, Nienke focused more and more on dramaturgy, coaching and talent development. From 2008 she was involved as dramaturge and education manager at Cinedans, international platform for dance film, and developed Cinedans LAB, Cinedans' education and talent development division. She designed teaching programs, workshops and research tracks for students and professionals, most of which she also managed. In recent years she got to know the Dutch dance schools - and their students - up close. Nienke was also coordinator of the Performance Technology Lab, a nomadic workshop and research place for performing artists who want to involve technology in their creative practice. As a dramaturge, Nienke worked with a variety of dance makers, including several choreographers affiliated with DansBrabant. Since November 2022, Nienke has been artistic director at DansBrabant.
van Stam
Project Manager
Wim van Stam studied psychology at Tilburg University and philosophy and theatre studies at Utrecht University. He worked as a marketeer at the theatre in the latter city. At the start of the 21st century he became the managing director of Hans Hof Ensemble, one of the most original and innovative modern dance companies in The Netherlands, a collective company of three choreographers/dancers/designers performing all over Europe. After that he was the managing director of Theater De Regentes in The Hague, a special venue for (world) music, theatre and modern dance, which used to be the oldest swimming pool in Europe. In 2013, soon after DansBrabant was founded, Wim became the managing director there, bringing the man back South.
van Oudheusden
Audience Developer
Lotte van Oudheusden is a theater enthusiast with a degree in Artist Educator in Theatre from ArtEZ in Arnhem, where she graduated in 2021. She has since become a theater teacher and maker,, working in the education departments of renowned theater companies like Het Nationale Theater (HNT) and Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (ITA). Lotte often describes her work as that of a "culture and education maker," emphasizing the blend of these two elements in her professional life. Lotte's involvement in the "Performing Gender" project deepened her understanding of community building and sensitivity to her surroundings. She explored the intricate relationship between the community and DansBrabant, learning how experiences were exchanged and what each party needed or expected from the other. She eagerly looks forward to the continued growth of the community that emerged from this project and the ongoing collaboration between them and DansBrabant.