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Community of Ljubljana

City of Women

The community

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An intergenerational group (17-50 years old): some have participated in other City of Women projects and some are new people. The community was gathered through an open call: no prior knowledge required but diverse experience related to specific issues (gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, sexuality) or interest in learning dance.

The community of Ljubljana together with local dancemakers Teja Reba and Vita Osojnik carried out a 6-month research among the community dance practices. The residency phase of the project then began: the first dancemaker in residence at City of women was travelling artist TC Howard. A 4-day dance theatre experiment culminated in an informal sharing resulting from our enquiries into ideas of gender, identity and self-hood and what it means to us.  

“The piece was be a one-off happening, a co-authored event, a playful collision between the spontaneous and the practised, an unknown quantity, and a window into a creative process that can only happen because we have chosen to be together.” 


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