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Traveling Dance Maker

Vita Osojnik is an independent choreographer, dance pedagogue, dancer and street performer, based in Kranj, Slovenia.

She graduated High school for music and ballet and majored in ballet. Later on she finished her studies on SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance), majored in choreography and dance.

Her work combines dance, stage performances, dance street performances, interventions, sight specific work, installations, choreography for theatre pieces.

Her mind, body and soul were always dedicated to dance education and she considers herself primarily an educator.

She believes in building strong collectives derived from strong and responsible individuals, where soloists at the same time serve as support system for the whole group. Her interest lies in relationships and negotiations, not dancers as objects, so she liberates dancers from old-fashioned hierarchy of who is who and who belongs where. Her fascination are always masses, how they can be manipulated and what they can manipulate. One of her focus points is to work a lot with roles of leader and follower, where the latter is not opressed or submissive.

She worked as a guest teacher and choreographer in all sorts of vanues like Dantzaz Spain, Tisch school of arts in NY, Salzburg Academy of dance, Toscana dance hub, Plesni teater Ljubljana, Ana Monro street theatre, and so on.


Find who were locally involved through Performing Gender dance practices, co-creation and co-production.