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From self-knowledge to common knowledge

For the Hungarian group, the Community of Budapest (SIN Arts Center), this period could be described as an initiation into a new era. After closing the first part of the program in June, lead by Luca Borsos, we wanted to facilitate the evolution of the group by giving them more autonomy, supporting their individual research based on their chosen topic and transition from self-knowledge to common knowledge.

Ph: Iringo Simon

Childlike creativity

In September 2022 we welcomed TC Howard, travelling artist from the UK, who shared their approach to the overall topic, working with the intergenerational group they lead in Leeds called Company of People. It brought lightness and childlike creativity; the skeleton dance, introducing ourselves through a microphone and have our voices heard, dancing with the wall, drawing-reflecting, etc.; while also revealing the many aspects and layers of human existence, the juxtaposition of the many lives and lived experiences being present at the same time in the same space.

We were accompanied by one of the children of a participant, who has autism and seamlessly joined. He wrote: “Here I could really be myself.” At the end of the weekend, each participant chose a question to conduct an artistic research on and was encouraged to experiment with different formats. 

Ph: Iringo Simon

A 3 - line poem

In December 2022 we gathered to witness the presentations of the individual projects. A very thrilling experience to see the creative solutions and journeys of each of them, assuring us that all of the hard work of last year’s paying off.

Some told us about a space and event they created for lonely people to facilitate connections, some led an authentic movement workshop, some poured the essence of their question into a 3-line poem.

There were people who created movement tasks based on their question about how to say no or how other people’s perception differ from our own about ourselves. A woman shared her journey on how she’s healing her body image and a man just wanted to have a talk about how one becomes a father without the biological, hormonal procedures that are part of the female experience.

Part of the weekend was the official handing over of the lead to Gergő Farkas and me, travelling artists from Hungary. For 2023 we prepared two workshops individually, to help their journey both as a group and as individual researchers. 

Ph: Iringo Simon

Communication and translation

In January 2023 I held a workshop with the theme Communication and translation. For me it was important to impart the practice of moving with innate wisdom, to strengthen the participant’s capacity to listen to their bodies ‘needs and allow for physical expression.

From the bodily experiences we extracted the feelings, and looked at the biases and thought processes behind them, while recognizing our socio- cultural norms and conditioning that are also embedded in our language. From our discussions we have created movement phrases, getting familiar with some tools for artistic translation

Gergő invited Barbara Lévai to lead a workshop together on Gender identity in March 2023, to emphasize going from self-knowledge to common knowledge, a crucial part
of this program. They led the workshop on a topic that is quite vulnerable- especially in Hungary - with such sensitivity and deep knowledge that allowed the participants to open up and share all their questions.

We watched the documentary Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric together, followed by a discussion and a visit from a transgender woman, who became a Living Library - a tested concept from Danish origin - to share her experiences of transition. For me it was the most powerful and important weekend of all, shaking me up; and at the same time it assured me how information is vital and fear stems from false statements and the unknown. People are genuinely curious and given the right space and time, they are willing to listen, care and reconsider their beliefs.

Ph: Iringo Simon

Somatic and visualization exercises

On our closing weekend in April 2023 we have dealt with all remained, unanswered questions and extracted the most powerful, impactful moments to share with the general public. Nicole Chlore, a beloved and contradictory character created by Csaba Molnár held a surprise dance class that further broke down expectations and gender- norms with light humor and impeccable performance.

On the open day a lovely group of people showed up and immersed themselves in a carefully curated experience by the participants based on the last half year. A common warm-up with somatic and visualization exercises was followed by a visit of our visual history and creating a bodily and reflective imprint of the visitors themselves; automatic writing about the group’s questions, drawing, the no-exercise, meditation and the dissemination of the “gender-bread” person was also part of the sharing.

Ph: Danyi Viktoria

"Pebble effect"

The program and its importance really materialized, its impact is palpable through the individual developments and its “pebble effect”. It deeply touched me and taught me so much, even about topics I thought I was familiar with. For me, as a facilitator, it was really important to have a “counselor” to talk to.

It helped me look at my own process, role, shortcomings and growth. I am deeply grateful to be part of it and at the same time part of something much bigger that aims at making this world a safer, more caring space for all.

Ph: Iringo Simon


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