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Traveling Dance Maker

Gergo is a choreographer, dancer, bartender, who co-organize queer house and techno parties, performances as well as workshops with the OMOH collective based in Budapest. 

I choose the practices of dance and choreography – again and again –  because I believe that this extremely specific process our ancestors agreed to call understanding is not enough in itself to keep us alive – or if to keep us alive sounds too dramatic (to me it doesn’t) then at least: to keep us going. We need to allow ourselves to recognize other modes of processing information and stimuli.

A large chunk of the creative work consists of attempts a body makes to coexist or redefine the relationship with its material and immaterial surroundings by dancing with them. In a nutshell, Gergo choose to fascinated by us as an environment instead of us, as human beings surrounded by an environment.



Find out who Hungarian community members were and how they have been involved in co-design processes and Performing Gender dance practices.