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Ljubljana Workshop

30/09/2018 • 06/10/2018



The annual International Festival of Contemporary Arts – City of Women took place from the 4th to the 8th of October in Ljubljana. Every year, it attracts several thousand visitors from all ages, professions and interests. In this context was organized the first Performing Gender workshop with 10 dancers exploring the project’s themes in dialogue with the dance maker Koldo Arostegui González and the local dramaturg, Tea Hvala


Gender as a game, as a layer of our identity that we can transform and play with to express ourselves. Gender as a costume we wear, a song we sing, a poem we forget…


At the workshop, the movement was used as a tool to get a profound insight into gender, in the ways it is written in and all over bodies.

The aim was to create a safe space and playful atmosphere that allowed to reflect on this topic, looking for new ways of understanding it as well as experiment with genders in a performative and collective context. Looking for the movement that is already there, happening in our bodies. Not knowing yet which shape it would have taken, but being a channel for it.

On the last day, October 6th there was a final sharing where audiences were invited to witness an open- process and discuss the proposed themes.

  • Read the interview with the dramaturg and the dance maker here.
  • Find out who are the 10 dancers here.


Photo Gallery


Final Sharing
Saturday 6th October 2018
ŠD Tabor
Organised by
Local partners