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Bologna, Italy

DAMSLab aims to facilitate the circulation of cultural and social capital and the development of an active and creative cultural citizenship, based on a shared sense of belonging to a culturally dynamic, open and cohesive community. By bringing different areas of knowledge into dialogue, DAMSLab activates synergies and collaborations with other Departments, public institutions, the artistic field, cultural and creative industries, businesses, and civil society, favouring social outcomes in terms of participation and cultural mobilization of the urban fabric.

DAMSLab adopts a collaborative and participatory method to develop original ideas and projects that enhance the whole variety of languages and cultural and artistic forms of production.

Scientific committee supporting the DAMSlab activities in the DIYS project: Roberta Paltrinieri (President), Giulia Allegrini (coordinator), Matteo Casari, Elena Cervellati, Rossella Mazzaglia.

Coordinator of the Laboratory “Critical observatory” for the students’ engagement in the project: Fabio Acca.


The final handbook of the project elaborated by the research team of DAMSLab is now available at this page.

Staff on the project

Principal Investigator
Full Professor of Sociology of Culture at the Department of Arts of the University of Bologna where she is also the scientific director of DAMSLab and member of the board of the Research Center for Interaction with the Cultural and Creative Industries. She is member of the Scientific Committee of Urban Innovation Foundation (city of Bologna) and of the Ethics Committee of ImprontaEtica, Association for Development of Corporate Social Responsibility in Europe. Her research interests concern Social and Cultural Innovation, Sharing Social Responsibility, Audience Development and Civic Engagement. She is the Principal Investigator of four competitive Projects (Creative Europe, Interreg Central Europe, Interreg Europe). She has published international articles and books.
Senior Assistant Professor
Senior Assistant Professor at the University of Bologna. She has been involved in many research teams in European projects (Creative Europe, UIA, Interreg Central Europe, URBACT) She has implemented several action-research processes in collaboration with the municipality of Bologna, civil society organizations and the Urban Innovation Foundation. Her research interests are civic engagement; co-creation and audience engagement practices; commons and commoning practices; social innovation, art and culture; art and public sphere; action research and participatory methodologies. Recent publications include Artistic practices and the constitution of public sphere: an explorative inquiry (2020).
Research Fellow
PhD in sociology, research fellow at the University of Bologna, and lecturer in sociology at the University of Ferrara. She has been involved in several research teams working on projects funded by the European Union, such as Horizon2020 and Creative Europe. Her research interests are art and culture, gender, diaspora, memory, and migration.