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Production and touring

01/01/2023 • 31/12/2023


Project actors has been involved in a 5-month production period, after the end of the co-design process of creative workshops. The result was the creation of 9 performances and workshop models, which had a first moments of visibility within festivals and events organised by the partner structures in a sort of tour of the project.


All the dance productions and the touring phase


How We Occupy The Body - Community of Madrid & Paso a 2 keyboard_arrow_down

“We are in process. We are in the process of understanding what it means to share and show ourselves. We are in the process of understanding how to open something as intimate as our collective body. We have no idea what will happen, but we know that we have dug deep within ourselves, always dancing. We know that we have shared a long experience in time, where the center is the body. And now we have the challenge of condensing all that history into a few movements.”

Movement is a talisman, an amulet. So, in this performance, still in progress, we want to give you that amulet full of stories, pierced by dissidence in its broadest sense. A dance, a ballet, fingernails, Salsa, skin, layers, memories, a Samba, a party, great joy, and all the power.


8th august 2023 – ‘s Hertogenbosch, Theaterfestival Boulevard
21st october 2023 – Umea, Norrlandsoperan
3rd december 2023 – Madrid, 37º Certamen coreográfico de Madrid (Paso a 2)


Creative process led by Javier Vaquero and Marina Santo.
Soundtrack and lighting design: Javier Vaquero.
Co-creators and on stage: Olga Carreño, María Carrillo, Kar C López, Izan Parra, Ámbar Tenorio


Crowded Bodies - Community of Bologna & Cassero lgbtia+ / Gender Bender Festival keyboard_arrow_down

Crowded Bodies is the dance performance resulting from a shared creation workshop between choreographer Daniele Ninarello and the Bologna community.

A live-collage in which, through movement, each performer generously expresses his/her individuality and offers it to the group. The performers review a multitude of postures, which emerge on them like an intuition born of silence, building a bestiary of postural possibilities to be traversed with one’s own perceptions and in which to recognise oneself. A surrender to letting absorbed personalities and familiar images flow through the body, to which one is recalled and to which one entrusts the story of oneself. In this way, the group explores and exposes its identity, which appears as a collection, scattered and fragmented everywhere. A collective acceleration of all the beats present, in the crowd that in-forms us, renouncing definition in order to blend into the agglomeration of all possible reincarnations.

Crowded Bodies is an intimate quest to connect one’s self to that of those around us, driven by mutual trust and the desire for closeness, acceptance, unity, understanding.


18th june 2023 – Bologna, Festival dei Portici (Cassero/Gender Bender Festival)
8th august 2023 – ‘s Hertogenbosch, Theaterfestival Boulevard
10th october 2023 – Ljubljana, International Festival of Contemporary Arts (City of Women)
10th-11th november 2023 – Bologna, Gender Bender International Festival (Cassero/Gender Bender Festival)


Directed and conducted: Daniele Ninarello
Performers: Giulia Amadori, Denise Ania, Agave Barone, Silvia Brazzale, Daniele Chieppa, Annamaria D’Adamo, Giuditta de Concini, Miriana Erario, Helena Falabino, Sara Giordani, Giulia Guadagnoli, Chiara Mannucci, Mauro Meneghelli, Anna Rolfi, Alessandro Tampieri, Pietro Tomasi, Emanuele Tontini, Davide Uccellari, Maria Stella Zangirolami


Vingel - Community of Umeå & Norrlandsoperan keyboard_arrow_down

In a confidential collaboration with choreographer Sindri Runudde and composer Marta Forsberg, Umeborn explored power and creativity in moments of imbalance.

Vingel reminded us to listen with curiosity, inwardly and outwardly, and to take advantage of the charged moment, here and now.


The outdoor premiere of Vingel took place on 6 June during the national festival in Döbeln Park.
Madrid, Spain – 4 December at the Festival Certamen Coreografico de Madrid


Choreographer: Sindri Runudde
Composer: Marta Forsberg with poems and sounds by the participants co-creators
and on stage: Ann-Christine Bard Sandström, Annelie Ekbäck Nordström, Carina Sturesson, Christer Edeholt, Elisabeth Isaksson, Gun-Inger Edlund Kercoff, Ing -Marie Hermansson, Katrin Lundström, Lisa Evasdotter, Maine Lundberg, Monica Alskär, Pia Friberg, Riitta Lindahl, Ruth Garneij, Ulrica Westin, Åse Nymberg.


But First We Are Going to Eat - Community of 's Hertogenbosch & Theaterfestival Boulevarld keyboard_arrow_down

But first we are going to eat is the production by Theaterfestival Boulevard and the community of ‘s Hertogenbosch.

Eight people are searching for the ways and the words to share their stories and find a collective voice. Connected by their Former Dutch East Indies and Moluccan roots, but different in how they express themselves, the performers reflect on their experiences as a minority in the Netherlands. Both fragmented and united, they overcome the silence to create a new understanding with each other and their audience.


7th july 2023 – Leeds, Encounters Festival (Yorkshire Dance)
6th – 7th august 2023 – ‘s Hertogenbosch Theaterfestival Boulevard


Creation and acting June Lisapaly, Frank de Graaff, Aantje Wichers, Isabelle Bovenkerk, Loek Middel, Margy van Gerven, Sylvy van Bochove and Wies de Groot.
Artistic direction Jija Sohn in collaboration with Burkhard Körner
Sound and composition Abel Kroon
Choreography contribution Cheroney Pelupessy
Audience development Coralie den Adel
Production Burkhard Körner
Project Management Nina Aalders
Lighting advice Saskia de Vries
External view Raoni Muzho Saleh


Residu(e) what we leave behind - Community of Tilburg & DansBrabant keyboard_arrow_down

Choreographer Nikita Maheshwary started one-on-one walks with 15 women from different neighborhoods of Tilburg in January ’22. Under the name ‘37.5 community Tilburg,’ this developed over the months from a community of 19 women to the current core of 9 women.

The women, coming from different walks of life, upbringings, generations and cultures, were first concerned with the question “Where do we come from?” while reflecting together on overarching themes of care, womanhood, freedom & limitations, and what it means to be a community. In the second phase of the project, the urgency slowly began to shift to ‘where are we (collectively) going’ and ‘what do we want to leave behind‘. 

The women show the result in the production Residu(e), what we leave behinda poetic dream about a shared and multicolored future. The colorful collection of stories is interwoven with scenes of small triumphant actions. A mix of movement, spoken word and multimedia.


9th august 2023 – ‘s Hertogenbosch, Theaterfestival Boulevard
27th august 2023 – Tilburg, festival GLoBe (DansBrabant)
10th october 2023 – Ljubljana, International Festival of Contemporary Arts (City of women)


Concept & choreography: Nikita Maheshwary
Project coordinator/community developer: Lotte van Oudheusden
Music: Arthur Music, Arthur van der Kuip
Artwork: Nikè Marchand
Community members: Felmy Laming; Monique van Beers; José van Rijswijk; Derya Demiroglu; Alie Pigmans; Judith Landman; Mieke de Roo; Harjanti Bors; Marianne Möller


Nobody Whistels Anymore - Community of Ljubljana & City of Women keyboard_arrow_down

Nobody whistles anymore was created by City of Women Festival’s newly formed Company. The Company, aged 27-74, were all new to dance and theatre and join us from Ljubljana, Slovenia to share their new work, devised through workshops led by theatre director Brina Klampfer and choreographer Vita Osojnik.

Exploring the role of gender in modern society, Nobody Whistles Anymore examines power relations, archetypes and stereotypes that often spontaneously find their way into artistic processes as well as everyday life.

The performance is a collage of different scenes, or rather performative movement images, created mainly on the basis of the workshops with some newly directed parts. Before they set out to create the show, the group also did research on transgender rights, the current conditions for transgender people and the LGBTQ+ community in Slovenia, even though it is not an immediately obvious part of the final product. The final piece did, however, consistently turn the relationships between classic societal roles on its head, questioning tradition and rituals, reaching to transcend them.


22nd may 2023- Ljubljana (City of women)
8th july 2023 – Leeds, Encounters Festival (Yorkshire Dance)
9th august 2023 – ‘s Hertogenbosch, Theaterfestival Boulevard
11st october 2023 – Ljubljana, International Festival of Contemporary Arts (City of Women)
21st october 2023 – Umea, Norrlandsoperan


Concept: Brina Klampfer Merčnik and Vita Osojnik;
directed by: Brina Klampfer Merčnik;
choreography: Vita Osojnik;
coauthors: Teja Bitenc, Alenka Dereani, Josip Drabik Jug, Romana Humar, Alja Lacković, Majda Lekše, Tina Poglajen, Ankica Radivojević, Vesna Škreblin, Manca Trampuš;
light design: Jaka Šimenc;
original music and performance: Manca Trampuš in Teja Bitenc,
concept: Teja Reba; the performance is also based on workshops with Teja Reba, TC Howard, Sindri Runudde and Maia Means


Epic Everyday - Community of Leeds & Yorkshire Dance keyboard_arrow_down

‘We are guided by the invisible bonds that connect us. Bonds born out of curiosity and play and freedom to be ‘other’. We are an unlikely and beautiful mixed community of ages, cultures and identities finding the humour, pride and ownership of who we are and how we live.’ Following in the footsteps of Company of People’s previous work, epic stories of everyday lives are at the heart of this new performance which exposes intimate details and elevates ‘everyday’ culture, literature and history to the grandeur of high art.


7-th-8th july – Leeds, Encounters Festival (Yorkshire Dance)
10th august – ‘s Hertogenbosch, Theaterfestival Boulevard
8th-9th november – Bologna, Gender Bender International Festival (Cassero/Gender Bender Festival)


The group worked collaboratively with choreographer TC Howard 
with dance artists Kate Cox, Izzy Brittain and Bakani Pick-Up