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Traveling Dance Maker

Ágnes decided to become a dancer at 28. For the last 5 years she has taught and facilitated body awareness, improvisation, contact improvisation, choreography for very different people in various formats: folk high school, music and performing arts students, open classes in Copenhagen, Budapest, festivals and part of the Hungarian research group Svung, collaborated with Integrated Dance Denmark and holding regular online group masterminds to empower people to come into their fullest expression.

She graduated as a dancer and choreographer from the Danish National School of Performing Arts after obtaining a diploma in Urban Development, non-formal education and having worked as a manager in non-profit organizations. Living in Denmark as an immigrant gave her a new perspective on life and got her to be an advocate for human’s rights, feminism and mental health. Dancing -amongst many other aspects- has helped her to work through trauma and all in all just made her a more conscious human being, which she love to share with others.

Her practice is mainly dance and somatics, through different topics of my interest: site-specific, participatory works, touch-based research, healing, embodied rituals, nature.

I am interested in the embodied experience of social norms, the psychology of performing gender and the practice of liberating the body from expectations and internalized belief systems. I’m aiming to facilitate more acceptance, empathy towards the “otherness” in us, hence others. I wish to exercise the ability to create realities of our own making, getting out of the cages of our socio-cultural construct through working with desire, imagination and movement. “Who you were before the world told you who to be?” /Glennon Doyle:Untamed/”


Find out who Hungarian community members were and how they have been involved in co-design processes and Performing Gender dance practices.