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's-Hertogenbosch Training

Bank van Leening, 's-Hertogenbosch
02/08/2018 • 11/08/2018


Boulevard Festival hosted the last training week in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, during its 2018 edition. The ‘s-Hertogenbosch Training Week followed the Madrid’s one, which took place from July 14th to the 21st: the group of Dance Makers met Madrilenian minorities, worked in impressive spaces and enjoyed a great Sharing with a big and diverse audience. This shared training continued in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, organised by Theaterfestival Boulevard and DansBrabant on the occasion of the 34th edition of Theaterfestival Boulevard.

The program took place in the spaces of Bank van Leening, close to the central festival square. This space represented the home of the dance makers, opened to artists that gave workshops and guests; this was also the place where to immerse themselves into the festival. The program focused on the physical digestion of all the knowledge they have gathered in the previous training weeks and on communication with audiences

The artistic leader Heleen Volman (DansBrabant) and local dramaturg Nina Aalders (Boulevard) joined the training activities and accompanied them in their personal search. Together, they designed the scheduled working time following their needs and facilitated dialogue and feedback. During the last days Teja Reba, artistic leader of the partner City of Women, joined them and together with the dance makers, Nina and Heleen designed the Final Sharing on Saturday 11th August.


Photo Gallery


Most of the activities took place parallel to the festival and are only available for the Dance Makers.

  • Choreographer Daniel Mariblanca hosted a warming up for his extensive project 71Bodies 1Dance;
  • Choreographer Keren Levi worked physically with the Dance Makers around intimacy; 
  • The Dance Makers enjoyed lunch with the international dance professionals in a programme called ‘Who’s the everyone?’ A programme on diversity in the cultural sector;
  • A special evening was planned for a class, organized by Boulevard, called Theater (mee)maken – Experience Theater with us. The group consisted of people who were not experienced theatre-goers, but wanted to learn more about ‘the making of’;
  • Stabat Mater Roundtable with author Mounir Samuel Lead by this opinion leader, publicist and specialist on topics related to the Middle-East, Religion and Gender. The five choreographers had a roundtable conversation with the three makers of Stabat Mater.
  • Choreographer Liz Aggiss worked with the five Dance Makers on The Grotesque Body in which their personal bodies are central. She worked on stereotypes, personal codes and mechanisms and risk-taking.
  • With choreographer Liat Waysbort, a specialist in the gendered moving, the choreographers deepened and sharpened the movement material they had created in the previous training weeks and saw how it related to each other.


Public Programme

PERFORMANCE & AFTERTALK | Jija Sohn, Kyabajo keyboard_arrow_down

4th August – Orangerie, 9.30 pm

Performing Gender dance maker Jija Sohn will show her performance Kyabajo, a seductive game of balance, control and submission. Who’s in power?  The onlooker, or the one looked at? The Kyabajo is both object of lust and master of senses.

Vincent Wijlhuizen will lead an after talk with the dance makers and the audience.


PERFORMANCE | Daniel Mariblanca, 71 Bodies, 1 Dance keyboard_arrow_down

5th August – Josephkwartier, 8 pm

Dancer and choreographer Daniel Mariblanca offers a preview to his new work on 5 August. This work will premier this October. It consists of photography, installation and performance and is inspired by the conversations and interaction with 71 Bodies of people whose relationship to sex and gender is not so obvious.

Vincent Wijlhuizen will do an aftertalk with Daniel and the audience.


MUSIC | Nightsessions keyboard_arrow_down

5th August – Josephkwartier, 11 pm

Not really part of our program, but nevertheless a great opportunity to meet the dance makers, are the Nightsessions that take place on 5. August.

At 11 pm, part of the group will sing the people present in festival heart Josephkwartier into the night.


PERFORMANCE | Patricia Okenwa, Kristel van Issum and Cora Burggraaf - Stabat Mater keyboard_arrow_down

8th August – Grote (Protestantse) Kerk, 7.30 pm.

Join the dance makers who will watch the chapel route that presents three contemporary interpretations of the Stabat Mater poem.


FINAL SHARING | 5 Miniatures and a Conversation keyboard_arrow_down

11 August – Bank van Leening

The outcomes of the training week in ‘s-Hertogenbosch will be shared with an audience.

The dance makers will present their work and will invite the audience to react to what they have seen.

Final Sharing
Saturday 11th August, 8 pm
Bank Van Leening
Organised by
Local partners