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She is a twenty-six Italian dancer. She started when she was eleven as a great passion for studying modern/contemporary dance at a private school. Then in October 2017, she undertook a professional path at Studio XL International Contemporary Dance Education in Reggio Emilia (RE), directed by Laura Matano and Emanuela Baratin. She studied with many national and international choreographers, such as Nicoletta Cabassi, Anna Albertarelli, Ana Baigorri, Luigi Linardi, and Lucia Vergnano and for intensive workshops with Virginia Spallarossa, Daniele Bianco, Damiàn Muňoz, Shlomit Fundaminsky, Natalia Iwaniec and Jeorge Crecis. She deeply studied contact, improvisation techniques, physical theater and floor work. She also took part in an Art Video directed by Anna Albertarelli and Roberto Ruager photographer, called “Giudizio Universale. Primo studio del corpo umano”. She danced in Natalia Iwaniec’s piece “Luce attraction to light”, in Damian Muňoz’s “La carezza, la mitraglia”, and Nicoletta Cabassi’s “Human too human” in 2018. She also danced at Fotografia Europea 2018 in Reggio Emilia with “Utopia XL – Finissage”, a choreography by Daniele Bianco.

She thinks that dance is a mean to communicate, to deeply explore human being, beyond prejudice, taboos, or psychologic blocks, and to express what words sometimes cannot say. She is not afraid of exposing herself in public, but she is attracted by people’s reaction in front of uncommon means of communication.